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Sat 20th May 2023 at 4:00 pm

Villains and Victims: A Global Terrorism Conundrum

Robert Tennant-Ralphs


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Robert Tennant-Ralphs takes us on a journey from the cannabis growing region of the Rif Mountains in North Morocco to the sites of the Moroccan led terrorist attacks in Barcelona, Paris, London, Madrid, and Brussels, and Mocro-Maffia organised crime hubs of Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Belgium.

Since he went to live in Morocco in 2016, up to today, based on his careers as a business development adviser to the pharmaceutical industry, British police officer, 25 years personal descent into drug addiction and alcoholism, and 37 years’ experience of recovery, Robert has devoted his time to helping Moroccan drug addicts, alcoholics and their families.

His recently published book, Villains and Victims. A Global Drug and Terrorism Conundrum throws new light on who the real villains are and the reasons why past drug policies failed, he then proposes solutions that are proven to work.   

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