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Mon 2nd Nov 2020 - Mon 21st Dec 2020

CONTACT: lockdown exhibition II

Event Details

Lockdown has touched and changed all of our lives in many different ways and this new normal doesn’t show any signs of disappearing soon.  We have all missed human contact whether it be verbal, physical or social. 

This incredible exhibition showcases the amazing work of 12 local artists who the Princess commissioned to create pieces that sum up how a pandemic, lockdown and that lack of human contact has affected us all.

We hope you agree, what has been created is wonderful. These works will be exhibited live when we reopen our doors.

Monotony – Elle Rose Philpot

Inspired by the monotonous repetition and elevation of everyday rituals, each hung garment represents individuals experiencing isolation. They have been imperfectly bleached and disintegrated to show the effects of lockdown, positive and negative. 

Longing to Touch – Sally Jones

This picture shows my son putting his hand out to touch his grandparents hands on the iPad. He missed being able to touch them. 

Homeschool: Mothers in Lockdown – Selina Keedwell

An interactive, piece of her-story, reflecting the experiences of Homeschooling Mothers in the South West, during Lockdown 2020. Nine mothers voices were captured, edited and performed using the Recorded Delivery Verbatim technique.

The Lonely Bench – Francesca Strong

I started taking photographs of benches whilst on our lockdown walks.  I wanted to use these for the art project with a wire rainbow sculpture with ribbons to tie on.

Our Lockdown – Jackie Curtis and Naomi Wilson

Lone tree against a backdrop of words; snippets from contrasting lockdown lives. The seasons unfurl, through sombre dark rain before initial turmoil gives way to peaceful routine lit by nature.

Monday evening Mudlarks – Juliet Farnese

Mudlarks is the name of choir leader Peter Olsen’s 4 part community choir. When lockdown arrived, Peter suspended charges and volunteered his time and efforts to keep us running via zoom.

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