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Childrens Theatre Art Workshops


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For children and families

3 online children’s workshops where you will explore ways to bring plays and ideas to life using scenery, lighting and… your imagination!

Episode 1: ABC Drawing

Join our artist, Catherine for an introduction to the theatre arts.

The ABC drawing workshop is designed to build your confidence and give you some simple techniques to draw your own imaginative design.  Using letter forms as the basis for your drawing, Catherine will guide you in creating an exciting piece of work.

You will need: a piece of paper and a drawing pencil.

Episode 2: Setting the Scene

The second in our series of online workshops. Moving on from the ABC Drawing sketch, Catherine will guide you in creating your own 3D model for the stage!

You will need: a couple of pieces of paper, easy cut card (a cereal box will do), scissors, a glue stick and some sticky tape.

Episode 3: Shadow Box Theatre

Our final workshop explores theatre design using lighting. With Catherine, you will create a simple shadow box to help you tell your stories and even create a play.

You will need: some tracing paper, ruler, a drawing pencil, easy cut card (a cereal box will do), craft glue and some sticky tape.

Why not show us your work on our facebook page or email us on [email protected] we would love to see them.

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